2022 Legislative Session - February 18, 2022

We are finally getting to a place in the 2022 Legislative Session where meetings are becoming more regular and decisions are being made. This week marked the return to in-person proceedings in the House of Delegates and in-person hearings in the Senate. House Committees and Subcommittees have met virtually. However until this week, the full House had not met to discuss any bills, aside from redistricting. This week felt a bit more normal


Session Bills              

HB195 Marine Contractor License – Authorization, Requirements, and FeesThey say the “third times a charm” and I hope it is true. The last two years, this bill passed the House but got hung up in the Senate. This year I have partnered with Senators Jack Bailey and Micheal Jackson to help get this Calvert County priority bill through.

The bill will allow county and municipality employees, to complete work, which does not need a federal or state permit, without a Marine Contractors License. It will also create a pathway for local government entities to obtain a Marine Contractor License, while removing the associated fees.

Our state is surrounded by water and local government constantly makes repairs to piers, docks, ditches, drains, and more on local public land and parks. Many of these repairs are routine and could be done by employees for little cost, except the need supplies. However, these repairs become costly when they require facilities to hire an outside Marine Contractor to complete the work. At this time, there is no avenue for a local government entity to obtain this license. Adding salt to the wound, federal and state employees are already exempt from this requirement.

HB195 will allow Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties, along with Chesapeake Beach, North Beach and Leonardtown to complete needed work at a fraction of the current cost.

The bill passed out of the House unanimously this week and I am looking forward to a win in the Senate this year.

Delegate Scholarship

My office is now accepting scholarship applications for the 2022-23 school year. Scholarships can be used at trade schools and 2-year/4-year colleges and universities by students of all ages. So whether you are a graduating high school senior, current student or looking to go back to school, if you live in District 29C, you qualify for the Delegate Scholarship.

Applications can be found here: District 29C Scholarship

The deadline for applications is April 15, 2022.

Please be sure to contact my office if you have any questions at 410-841-3314 or [email protected]


Thank you for the sharing time with me today. As Session continues, I will give updates on my bills and highlight bills of concern. I look forward to our work next week as Session continues to accelerate.

MDGOP Candidate