Legislative Session Newsletter 6

This past week we celebrated Read Across America. Clifford the Big Red Dog visited the state house and received children's books donated to local elementary schools. This variety of literature will be beneficial to students’ reading and writing achievement, especially in primary grade levels.

Kirwan Commission

Speaking of education, the Kirwan Commission was hotly debated on Friday and eventually passed in the House. To make this bill more applicable to our community, several amendments were presented by the minority party.  Some of these amendments included

  • performance monitoring and audits
  • maximum class size
  • not raising taxes to fund Kirwan
  • alternative options for students in failing schools

I proposed an amendment to include minimum state funding levels for the Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today (BOOST) scholarship.  This funding goes to low income students who would better benefit from attending a private school. Unfortunately, none of the amendments we offered were accepted. 

I do want quality education for our children.  Schools in Calvert and St. Mary’s provide students with a wonderful education and are fully funded by the local government beyond what is required.  The additional funding and mandates required by Kirwan will increase our taxes, but not bring additional funds to our local schools.



I would like to take this moment and thank our community for speaking up against HB 1628, which would expand sales tax to many additional services.  This bill has successfully been defeated! I am glad to have aided in its destruction.  However, the majority party is looking to raise taxes still through “luxury” taxes – HB 1354 which passed out of the House Ways and Means Committee today.


Calvert High School Marching Band

I would also like to recognize Calvert High School’s Marching Band. They have won 1st place in the Class 1A US Bands Maryland State Championship, with special awards for Best Music, Best Visual Performance, Best Colorguard, and Best Overall Effect in Baltimore. Calvert High School’s Marching Band also won 1st place in the Class 1A US Bands National Championships, with special awards for Best Music and Best Visual Performance. Band members were recognized in the House and Senate on Thursday.  Congratulations to these talented students.


As always, if you have questions regarding the proposed legislation or our scholarship application, please contact our office. Have a wonderful week!


MDGOP Candidate