End of Session 2022

Legislative Session Newsletter 5

I am counting on your support as we discuss a Maryland community in need - Baltimore City. Baltimore City is coined as one of the most violent cities in the nation. As your representative, I would like to play a role in improving the safety of City residents and support our overall state.

Legislative Session Newsletter 4

Session is getting into full swing now.  Last week was filled with longer floor sessions and hearings along with our first Environment and Transportation voting session. 

Legislative Session Newsletter 3

This week has been exciting here in Annapolis! Governor Hogan issued his sixth State of the State Address. Each legislative session the Governor reminds us of Maryland’s journey and affirms to our community the goals for the current legislative session.

Legislative Session Newsletter 2

This is the last week to drop bills for the 2020 Legislative Session! The Maryland General Assembly (MGA) is buzzing as your representatives endorse bills that will positively benefit our community. 

2020 Legislative Session Begins

Dear Friends,

I am honored and blessed to have your support as I enter into my fourth year serving in the
Maryland General Assembly. As the 2020 Session slowly begins, I have been fortunate to
attend briefings concerning agriculture, the state of the bay, and sustainable forest
management. Progressing into week three, the 2020 Session fully erupts as my colleagues and I consider veto overrides and take part in legislative hearings.

2019 End of Session Letter


Dear Friend:


                Thank you for following along with me during the 2019 Legislative Session.  I am honored to represent so many people who take a vested interest in our community.  Your input helps me better understand and represent the values and ideas of Southern Maryland.

Week 13 of 2019 Legislative Session

Yesterday was met with the sad news of the passing of the Speaker of the House Michael Busch after a hospitalized illness.  My thoughts and prayers are for his family.  Today session is eerily quiet for the last day, but we must continue on this Sine Die.

Session is coming to a close today and I am quite busy.  This is the second to last newsletter I will be sending out. 


This week was full of excitement. Two of my bills passed out of Senate committees! The governor vetoed three bills and the Maryland General Assembly voted to override them. Read on to find out more.


We have had a lot of work this Crossover week. Crossover is the date during session by which bills from one house must be passed out that house and be read in the opposite house. It is a hectic and crazy week full of hearings, subcommittees, voting sessions. often long and multiple sessions in one day, and even weekend sessions. Additionally, the state operating budget was also voted and passed this week.

Week 8 of 2019 Legislative Session


I would like to take this week to thank my constituents for their continued support.  Every Monday as I walk into the House Office Building and see the beautiful artwork lining the walls, I am reminded of why I serve our community.  Each piece of art is symbolic of a Maryland resident whose life my job here in Annapolis will impact. For this reason I am constantly striving for virtue and discernment, and encourage my colleagues to as well.  I would like to remind you to contact my office with your questions or concerns, because as a member of our community your voice is important to us.


MDGOP Candidate